245. What Event Planners Look For in a Speaker, with Josh McGhee

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Josh McGhee event planners public speakers beginning public speaking speaker fees Grant Baldwin The Speaker LabWhat event planners look for in a speaker may seem like a mystery, but today’s guest is going to reveal all the secrets!

Josh McGhee is an event planner who books professional speakers with fees ranging from a few thousand dollars up to $40,000.

Today he’ll tell us how he and his team choose those speakers, including the one thing they all must have or he won’t book them, and what you can do to be a better partner with your clients and grow your referrals.

Join us for those great insights from the other side of the table on the 245th episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • How many speakers does his organization hire annually?
  • What are the three tiers of speaker fees in their non-profit?
  • How can you be pro-active without being irritating?
  • What specific details in your videos are important to event planners?
  • Why does he talk with the potential speaker before hiring them?
  • What role does post-event communication play in your referability?
  • How does his organization determine if a speaker provided their value?
  • How partnerships and sponsorships can work to cover your speaking fees.
  • And so much more!

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