211. How to Pivot In Your Speaking Career with Kendra Dahlstrom

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Can you change your audience once you’ve started speaking? You can, and here to share how to pivot in your speaking career is Kendra Dahlstrom.

On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab, Kendra shares how and why she changed her speaking niche, how she gained traction early on in her speaking career, and what it was like to make the jump from a full-time job to a full-time speaking career.

Join us for all of that and so much more on today’s 211th edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • When did she know she wanted to work full-time as a speaker?
  • Why did she resist nailing down her niche?
  • How did she stay positive through multiple transitions?
  • What did she do early on to get gigs?
  • How did she know how much to charge initially?
  • Why does creating time blocks help prioritize?
  • How did she decide when to add coaching, consulting and courses?
  • What advice does she have if you want to leave your full-time job?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “It’s okay to try things and to learn.” – Kendra Dahlstrom


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