228. How to Network and Get More Keynote Speeches with Lea Pica

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Lea Pica Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab Do you know how to network and get more keynote speeches as a result? Our guest is here to find out, and you’ll hear too when you listen to today’s episode of The Speaker Lab.

Lea Pica is part of our elite coaching program and she is looking for ways to turn her existing speaking opportunities into additional paid keynote engagements. Lea is a data storytelling evangelist who teaches digital analysts and internet marketers how to look at the data from their programs, tie it to the success of their organizations or clients and then tell that story.

During episode 228, Lea tells us how speaking fits into her current business model, what she is doing right now to garner more gigs and what type of follow has worked and hasn’t worked for her. We dive into all of that and more on this edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • What options is she considering to boost her keynote opportunities?
  • Do you have to be outgoing and extroverted to be a good networker?
  • Why direct conversations translate to the hottest leads.
  • What are the two ways to promote yourself while you’re speaking?
  • Why do you want to be the one to follow up, not vice versa?
  • Why it’s easier to get more gigs the more you speak.
  • Why should you do your keynote before your workshop when you’re doing both at a conference?
  • How to use video to follow up with stagnant leads.
  • And so much more!

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