159. How to Book Speaking Gigs When You Work With Event Planners With Lindsey Castleman

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Learn how to book more speaking gigs when you’re able to connect, follow-up, and build authentic relationships with event planners. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your career and will help you make the transition from hobby speaker with intermittent gigs to a professional speaker with a full schedule of paid speaking engagements.

Today on The Speaker Lab Podcast, Lindsey Castleman is here to share her experience planning big events for everyone from Lifeway to Dave Ramsey. She demystifies the event planner’s decision process when she explains what she is looking for from a speaker’s online presence and why you need a clear topic with specific outcomes.

Get ready to dial it in and be fully present for today’s awesome conversation on episode 159 of The Speaker Lab.



  • Why both inspiration and application are equally important to the audience.
  • Why Lindsey took a chance on a speaker who had never been on stage before?
  • Is it easier to choose someone who speaks on a specific niche versus a generalist?
  • What does she look for on a highlight reel?
  • Are followers and fans on social media important to her evaluation process?
  • How best to get on an event planner’s radar – without being annoying.
  • What are servant leaders and why does she prefer to work with them?
  • Is it better to be okay on stage and easy to work with, or amazing on stage and difficult offstage?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable:  “If you think you can wing it you can’t!” — Lindsey Castleman