142. How to Negotiate Your Speaking Fees With Liz Saunders

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If negotiating your fees has evLiz Saunders joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about negotiating fees and winning the best contract speaking gigs.er been difficult for you, then our guest will solve that problem today! Liz Saunders is an expert on booking speaking gigs, including how and when to negotiate your fees.

On episode 142 of The Speaker Lab, Liz shares her background as an event coordinator and road manager, and how she created The Tivich Group, an independent booking agency for speakers. She even walks us through a typical sales call for one of her clients, including the all-important speaking fee discussion.

Liz also explains how and when to build your fees around your clients’ priorities, and how to know when to lower your fees without shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. Whether you’ve been booking your own speaking gigs for decades or you’re just starting out, Liz’s information will be valuable and eye-opening. Join us to hear it all on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • Should you do your own bookings when you’re starting out?
  • What are the pricing clues to listen for in a conversation with a potential client?
  • How to transition to talking about your fees.
  • What is the most awkward part of the conversation with a potential client?
  • How to keep your pricing from being seen as arbitrary.
  • Why you should “go silent” after naming your fee!
  • What’s the one step that has led to many bookings for my business?
  • What does Liz’s follow up process consist of?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “When you quote your price be confident.” – Liz Saunders



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