207. Why Speakers Bureaus Won’t Make You Successful with Marcus Sheridan

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Do you think if you get listed with a speakers bureau the gigs will just come pouring in? It’s not quite that simple.

Marcus Sheridan joins us to share why speakers bureaus alone won’t make you successful (and what will) on episode 207 of The Speaker Lab.

Marcus is a successful speaker who has built his business in an unconventional way. Today we break down and bust through myths he held, how his perception of speaking bureaus has evolved and changed, how he thinks about speaking fees and quantifying the value you offer.

And we finish with Marcus giving an answer he is certain I disagree with! Tune in to hear what that answer is and if I actually do disagree on this episode of The Speaker Lab.



  • Is a bureau pivotal to booking higher quality gigs?
  • Why bureaus should supplement your business, but not be the sole source.
  • Was it hard for him to ask for money for his own services?
  • Why success takes more than just getting on stage and speaking.
  • At what point did he start bringing in a team to help him?
  • Why does he think speakers have difficulty asking for higher fees?
  • Why people aren’t paying you for your time, and what they are paying for instead.
  • How to take full advantage of the seeds of trust you have already developed.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Fundamentally, we are in the business of trust.” – Marcus Sheridan


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