117. How to Give Keynote Speeches and Teach Workshops With Marcus Sheridan

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Marcus Sheridan of They Ask You Answer and The Sales Lion joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about giving keynotes and teaching workshops, the future of video content marketing and more!

Have you given both keynotes and taught workshops? Some speakers prefer one over the other, while some enjoy both. Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion is an interactive and engaging speaker who likes doing both.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, Marcus is here to talk about his journey from a missionary in Chile to running a successful pool company to commanding audiences around the globe today. He also shares how that journey led to the creation of his latest book, They Ask You Answer.

You’ll hear about all of that plus the importance of video today, why it’s only going to continue to become even more vital and what he learned from his worst speaking moment ever. Check it out on episode 117 of The Speaker Lab!


  • Are good keynote speakers always good at teaching workshops too?
  • What did being a missionary in Chile teach him about speaking?
  • The lesson you can learn from how he landed his first speaking gig.
  • How he made the leap from workshop speaker to keynote speaker at Content Marketing World in one year.
  • Why is giving gigs the most effective way to land more gigs?
  • Why it works for him to be so interactive with his audiences.
  • How much attention should you be paying to content marketing?
  • Should you have a videographer?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “If we don’t show it, it doesn’t exist.” – Marcus Sheridan