138. Using Improv to Be a Better Speaker With Mike Ganino

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Mike Ganino joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about using improv to become a better public speaker, and more!When you think of improv do you think of sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live or do you think of becoming a better speaker? It can be all of the above! So says our guest for episode 138 of The Speaker Lab, Mike Ganino.

Mike is a former self-proclaimed restaurant guy with an interest in theatre and in improv. After leaving the restaurant biz he became a consultant and learned to use his improv skills to help his clients become leaders. Soon he found his niche speaking about building organizations for the present and the future, and working with public speakers with Michael and Amy Port.

On today’s show, we dive deeper into his personal story, as well as how to use improv to improve your speaking skills and why improv doesn’t always mean funny. You’ll learn about that and more in this edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • What is blocking, and why should you avoid it?
  • How much improv training should you take?
  • Why improv isn’t the same as “winging it”.
  • A few things you can do to practice by yourself.
  • What’s the only cure for “bombing” on stage?
  • What is the “last word first word” technique?
  • Why the time you put into rehearsal is so critical to your success on stage.
  • Is improv always funny?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “You’re never going to be better than you prepared to be.” -Mike Ganino



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