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Jeff Goins joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about his latest book, Real Artists Don't Starve, and so much more!

134. Real Artists Don’t Starve, with Jeff Goins

Do you think creative types must be starving artists with no hope of real income? Our guest for today’s episode of The Speaker Lab is going to change that mindset if you do! Jeff Goins is a published author with five books under his belt, as well as a highly-respected international speaker. And at his […]

Joy Groblebe joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about how to fill your speaking calendar and why you shouldn't answer your own speaking calls!

130. How to Fill Your Speaking Calendar, with Joy Groblebe

Have you ever found yourself tongue-tied when a potential client has asked about your speaking fees? If you have today’s guest will help you solve that problem in the future! Joy Groblebe is an entrepreneur who helps speakers and other entrepreneurs overcome the chaos of their busy minds, busy businesses and busy lives. On this […]

— Jeff Goins

Grant may be the best speaker I’ve ever seen live.

— Jeff GoinsWikiTravel