093. The Speaking Wisdom of Pat Flynn and Tim Sanders

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Start your public speaking career or take it to the next level with The Speaker Lab's Grant Baldwin!

What if you could learn from 40 super successful speakers and you could learn from them all in one place? That’s what you’ll get in my latest course, The Speaker Lab Summit.

To give you a taste of what is in store for you at the summit, I’m bringing two of those 40 speakers to you today: Pat Flynn and Tim Sanders.

Pat Flynn is an author, international keynote speaker, blogger, entrepreneur, and founder of Smart Passive Income. Tim Sanders primarily makes his living as a professional speaker and is also a noted author and equally good guy like Pat!

Today they both explore what it takes to make it as a professional speaker, why it fits into their business models. Pat explains what his preparation process is, while Tim explains the three reasons anyone gets paid to speak. They both have immense wisdom they share on this episode, as well as in The Speaker Lab Summit! Hear them first on episode 93 of The Speaker Lab.