213. Living a Life of Significance with Pete Smith

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At a certain point, most of us think about how to ensure we are living a life of significance. One person who has definitely done this is our guest today, Pete Smith. Pete has devoted his career to this very topic and he’s here to share with us how he’s successfully done so as a keynote speaker.

Today he has between 40 and 50 engagements a year, most of which are opening or closing keynotes on the topic of bringing significance into our lives. But how he choose that topic and how he’s grown his speaking career from free local association gigs to international keynotes is a fascinating story.

On this edition of the show, he’ll tell us how he got his start, the funny story of what happened the first time he was asked what he charges to speak and how he picked his domain name since his name is so common. Tune in to hear that and more on episode 213 of The Speaker Lab.



  • What are the 3 biggest takeaways he wants his attendees to get from his talks?
  • How did having a stroke impact his speaking career?
  • Why is he the poster child for how NOT to go out on your own?
  • How local associations helped him get his start.
  • How many free events vs paid events did he do in his first year?
  • What type of person is cut out for this business?
  • What is working for him right now to find and book gigs?
  • If you have a message to deliver what is the question to ask yourself?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “There is no better marketing than delivering a great presentation.” – Pete Smith


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