Episode #79

How to Create a Successful Event for Your Industry

With Philip Taylor (Aka PT Money)

Do you think your niche is ready for a conference or other major event? How would you know if there’s enough interest, before booking a venue, speakers, etc?

Our guest today is here to answer those questions. He is Phillip Taylor and is the founder of FinCon, the world’s largest Financial Content Expo.

Not only will PT talk about how and when it’s the right time to create an event for your particular area of expertise, and he also shares what works and what doesn’t work when connecting with the event hosts of conferences you want to speak at.

On episode 79 of The Speaker Lab, PT explains where the idea for FinCon came from, how he grew it to a profitable enterprise over the years and what criteria event organizers look for from their potential speakers. Whether you’ve spoken at a large conference or simply want to soon, you’ll want to hear all of those details on today’s show!


  • What should you do before you decide to create an event?
  • What were the two tipping points that told PT FinCon was a good idea?
  • Why it is important to partner with your community.
  • How long did it take for this event to be profitable?
  • Keynotes vs. workshop speakers: what does he look for in each?
  • How to stand out and increase your odds of being selected to speak.
  • When is it okay to submit multiple session ideas?
  • When is there value in speaking for free?
  • And so much more!
About Philip Taylor (Aka PT Money)

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