What a Physician Says About the Current Speaking Industry With Nisha Mehta

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Grant Baldwin and Nisha Mehta hosted a Facebook Live to talk about a physician’s perspective on the speaking industry during turbulent times.

During the live stream, Grant and Nisha discuss:

  • Balancing a professional career as a radiologist while speaking internationally
  • Building large online communities among certified physicians
  • Maintaining social distancing to flatten the curve
  • Insights on the pandemic from behind the scenes
  • Making tough choices to opt-out of live events before “shelter-in-place” began
  • Partnering with events to make virtual options work and still deliver value
  • The responsibility of speakers to prioritize the safety of others
  • When can we expect live events to happen again?
  • How big will live events be allowed to be?
  • Preparing for a secondary surge after social distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Hoping to start seeing things reopen in the coming weeks
  • The liability of hosting live events post-pandemic
  • Searching for a sense of normalcy
  • The key difference between SARS and COVID-19
  • Uncertainty about the unknown when it comes to new diseases
  • Realistic timeline for a vaccine or treatment
  • And more


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