Episode #1

Talk Prospecting To Me

With Erick Rheam

Welcome to our first episode of Talk Speaker To Me! In this episode, TSL facilitator and master speaker Erick Rheam walks you through exactly what his daily power hour looks like to build a long-term sustainable speaking business.

“I didn’t have anything but a dream and a desire to be a speaker. I just went out and started prospecting on a consistent basis, and I made over $36,000 with no assets whatsoever.”

Erick covers:

  • What is a prospect
  • How often should your prospect
  • What does a “power hour” look like
  • How should you set up your tech stack
  • What is the ideal amount of time between emails, and when should you just let it go

“The key, though, is if I do this every day on a consistent basis, then it’s like a machine, it’s a methodology, and it starts to bear fruit if I do it on a consistent basis.”

Ready to learn a few things about managing your pipeline? Let’s go!

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About Erick Rheam

Erick is a speaker and bestselling author.  He’s earned over $2 Million in speaking fees where he helps busy professional men and women cut through the whirlwind of their lives, so that they may rise above their chaos and discover significance and live in peace.  Erick’s superpower is landing speaking gigs, so when he’s not on the speaking trail he’s helping high achievers translate their story into a high impactful and highly profitable speaking business.

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