Episode #2

Talk Travel To Me

With Dan Irvin

This week on Talk Speaker To Me, TSL Resident Speaker Dan Irvin is sharing everything you need to know about how to plan for successful travel as a speaker.

“I’d much rather be inconvenienced to make sure that I’m really connecting with the audience.”

Dan digs into:

  • When should you travel
  • Who pays for travel
  • How to plan travel with peace of mind in mind
  • What and when to pack
  • How to organize your travel and gigs

“This is why it’s important to always be speaker fee plus travel, because sometimes we get ourselves in a pinch because we didn’t do plus travel in our proposals. And so now we’re trying to save money.”

Ready to get into it? Let’s talk, speaker!

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About Dan Irvin

Dan Irvin is an experienced leader in sales, operations, and building peak performance teams.  For over a decade, Dan Irvin has brought proven excellence, experience, and commitment to leadership roles within nationally positioned organizations. Through his dynamic emphasis on sustainable enterprise growth through disciplined focus on leadership development and process efficiencies, Dan has created award-winning results in sales revenue, team growth, employee retention, and internal and external customer relations.

Dan earned a Masters degree in Adult Education & Training and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He resides in a north suburb of Dallas, TX with his wife, Catie, and three children. Most importantly, Dan is a husband, dad, self-care enthusiast, passionate about leadership, devoted friend, and college football fan.

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