Episode #3

Talk Branding To Me

With Michelle Onuorah

This week, we’re digging into branding with Michelle Onuorah! Michelle is a speaker coach here at The Speaker Lab and also a speaker, podcaster, and workshop leader with her own business.

 “There actually isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to your branding. But the main thing is to be consistent and to have vision from the start.”

During this episode, Michelle’s talking:

  • Why strong branding is important
  • How to balance being personable and professional
  • The thought process behind group your brand and evolving with time
  • How to know if your brand is out of touch with your current offerings and how to fix that

“If you’re getting those questions, then that means that you need to revisit your brand right away and take a look at your messaging, take a look at your copy on your site.”

Ready to get into? Let’s talk branding with Michelle!

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About Michelle Onuorah

Michelle Onuorah is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She’s written five bestselling novels, two non-fiction books and founded the Center for Prophetic Listening™, a remote life coaching agency. Her work as a speaker, author and eCourse creator centers around creating a safe place for people to hear God’s voice. Michelle is an alumna of BPS Elite and specializes in helping students design an expert positioning statement they love as well as leverage their speaking into a successful personal brand.

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