Episode #401

40 Speaking Lessons from 400 Episodes: Part II

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We’re thrilled to continue the rewind and our 40 Speaking Lessons from 400 Episodes series for Episode 401 of The Speaker Lab Podcast!

For Part 2 we are looking back at 10 more timeless tips from some of our very own podcast guests. What’s awesome about this next series of lessons is that while they were recorded at different times, together they provide a solid framework of guidance that will help you take your speaking business to the next level. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear clips from 10 different guests that have joined us over the years. Their insight is so valuable and their wisdom unmatched. They have been there and are passionate about helping you learn from their experiences!

Pull out your notes from Episode 400 and get ready to add them to your list! No matter your niche, you’re in the right place for these timeless lessons that will help you become a better speaker and build an even stronger business. Enjoy!

Here are 10 (more!) key lessons to help you become a better speaker:

11. The best way to sell yourself is to get on stage
12. You have to develop your voice
13. Know what you’re good at, and what you’re not
14. Momentum matters in your speaking business
15. Position yourself as the professional you are
16. Tension is a powerful tool
17. Learn the importance of saying no
18. Be persistent and methodical in your cold outreach
19. Being good at speaking takes hard work, not just talent
20. Stay focused on what matters even as you grow

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