Episode #418

How Positive Communication Can Change Everything

With Marcene Sonnek

Sharing in the excitement of our students’ success is a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab! Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear directly from our students about their experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

On Episode 418, Marcene Sonnek joins us Maryalice to share her journey to the stage. Marcene is on a mission to help others embrace positive communication to increase work satisfaction and improve their professional environments. She came to The Speaker Lab as a brand new speaker, but quickly channeled her life experience to become an effective and powerful communicator.

During this conversation, Marcene shared how her personal experiences translated into her opportunity to make an impact in corporate settings. She unpacks the impact of mindset, perspective, mission, and listening. Marcene’s unique experience and the fact that she’s newer to the industry make this conversation especially impactful for those who are just getting started and are eager to make a difference while building a sustainable speaking business. She’s got a special keynote, her own book, and so much encouragement to share!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Demonstrating positivity and creating an intentional atmosphere
  • Navigating the sweet (and sour) nature of lemons in life
  • Embracing the mindset of how everyone can win
  • The power to make communication positive
  • Why you have to develop your pipeline and content calendar
  • The value of networking and building a community
  • How The Speaker Lab transformed her approach to building a business
  • And much more!

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About Marcene Sonnek

Marcene Sonnek is a motivational speaker who helps people develop a more positive communication style that will create a more inclusive work environment.

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