Episode #423

How To Create Opportunity from Economic Change

With Karl Maier

It’s no secret that uncertain economic times might have speakers wondering if it’s the right season to take the leap and grow their business. This week, TSL student Karl Maier joins the podcast to tackle this great unknown and how to successfully navigate change. Karl draws from his economic expertise to share six steps needed to position a business to get the people and capital you need for success. Karl believes change is good for entrepreneurs and that it’s crucial to leverage these times to benefit your business and your impact for others.

Karl also talks about his experience with The Speaker Lab and how it’s helped him refine the moving parts of his business and set him up for future success. He’s bringing a fresh perspective to his audiences and reminding speakers of the importance of mindset and thinking outside the box rather than feeling restricted by the economic climate. Karl’s goal is to face the facts, calm the fears, and create a roadmap to move forward even at the most unlikely of times.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to position your expertise to benefit others in this economy
  • How to give your best to the work you’re doing and the life you’re living
  • Why a fresh perspective matters
  • Three reasons for the current economic chaos
  • The value (and leverage) in the referral game
  • Why it’s time for critical innovation
  • And so much more!

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