Episode #426

Why Strategy Matters to Build Your Speaking Business

With Michael Laidler

Sharing in the excitement of our students’ success is a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab! Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear directly from our students about their experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

This week, Michael Laidler joins us for Episode 426 of The Speaker Lab Podcast to talk about how the evolution of his speaker training led him to take the plunge into professional speaking. Despite his current success, Michael had a rocky introduction to the speaking industry. Along the way, he found The Speaker Lab and quickly learned how to grow and scale his speaking business.

During this conversation, Michael unpacks the value of the systems and processes that have made all the difference in the growth of his business. Michael shares practical advice about how to build your skillset, grow your network, effectively prospect, and be intentional about building a sustainable speaking business all while still managing a full time job or business.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you have to prospect every day
  • How to prioritize time management
  • Why you need to find your “magic number”
  • Networking to build meaningful relationships
  • Why follow-up matters
  • You’re never ready until you get on stage
  • How to speak the language of your market
  • And so much more!

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About Michael Laidler

Michael Laidler is a leadership strategist, professional speaker, and law enforcement trainer whose unwavering commitment to excellence, passion, and loyalty has quickly earned him the reputation as an up-and-coming industry leader.

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