Episode #430

The Power of Intentionality

With Ryan Botner

We love bragging about the success of our TSL students on the podcast. Today’s guest is a real gem — he speaks straight from the heart and you can hear it in his voice!

Ryan Botner has tried his hand at several different industries with great success. Despite bringing in multi-million dollar revenues, he wasn’t in love with the results. Coaching and speaking (with the help of The Speaker Lab) turned out to be his passion. What drives him, on and off the stage? Intentionality.

In today’s student highlight podcast with TSL coach Maryalice Goldsmith, Ryan talks about how intentionality should drive your business and your life. His inspiring advice for staying aligned with your purpose, facing your fears, and choosing mentors wisely will leave you burning with excitement for your speaking business’s future. In addition, he offers some great tips for coaches who aren’t sure how to integrate speaking into their business. If you’ve been feeling lackluster about your speaking goals, Ryan will fire you up to keep pushing ahead with his enthusiasm and energy.

You’ll also hear all about:

  • Why the “can’t see” choices you make every day have to be the most intentional.
  • How to avoid the dreaded analysis paralysis that stops you in your tracks.
  • The dangers of skipping steps and building your business too quickly.
  • What voices you should and shouldn’t let into your head.
  • Why speaking is basically “getting paid to market”.
  • How to leverage your CRM and why you need one.
  • And so much more!

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About Ryan Botner

For over 17 years, Ryan Botner has been positively impacting the lives of thousands of people through his motivational speaking, high-level sales, and business consulting. A true entrepreneur, Ryan has started and operated numerous businesses producing tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Now, his life purpose is to spread his message to the world.

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