Episode #447

How to Prepare a Killer Talk

With Shane Sams

Shane Sams is a man who has taken control of his life. After a scary experience with a supervisor that got in the way of caring for his family, he struck out into entrepreneurship with his wife so they could quit their 9-5s and be more fully present with their kids. The best part is, they have dedicated their lives to helping others do the same thing through their business, Flipped Lifestyle. While Shane started out with podcasting and online courses, his speaking business has gained a lot of momentum recently. Shane is a rare bird in the speaking industry–he delivers both multi-day workshops and 30 minute keynotes. That kind of flexibility requires an incredibly systematized process behind the scenes so In Episode 447 of The Speaker Lab podcast, Shane shares the systems that help him prepare incredible talks for any occasion.

Before he became an entrepreneur Shane was a teacher, so he came on the show ready to educate. His framework for structuring the overarching story of your keynote will help you keep your audience engaged and anticipating the solutions you offer onstage. Once your structure is in place, you can insert humor, relatability, and “check-ins” with your audience that ensure you all stay on the same page. If you’re struggling with integrating any of those connection points, Shane is a veritable well of inspiration especially when it comes to humor.

Shane has plenty of wisdom to offer on workshops and seminars too–including how to deal with the dreaded scenario where you finish your planned content with hours still to go. Whether you’re a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, or a mix of both, Shane has tips for how to make the most of any speaking opportunity.

You’ll also learn all about: 

  • How to use your speaking engagements as a sales funnel.
  • What Pixar can teach you about structuring your keynote.
  • Tips for rehearsing the morning of your talk.
  • How to divide up your workshop into more manageable chunks of content.
  • Why the age of your audience matters for holding their attention.
  • Using pattern interruptions to keep your audience from getting bored.
  • …and so much more!

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About Shane Sams

Shane Sams is one half of the dynamic duo behind FlippedLifestyle.com. Shane and his wife Jocelyn are a real couple making their entire living selling digital products online through membership websites. Former teachers, Shane and Jocelyn built a business that allowed them to quit their day jobs, spend more time with their family, and earn passive income online. They now generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit while only working around 10-15 hours of work per week!  Their mission is to help other families build and grow successful online businesses through their Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, Flip Your Life community and their blog at FlippedLifestyle.com.

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