Episode #454

The 6 Step System to Book More Paid Speaking Gigs

With Dan Irvin

Dan Irvin was laid off of his C-suite position just as COVID started taking off. He took it as a sign to start the speaking career he had long been considering. Between pandemic-induced chaos and his own inexperience with the speaking industry, his first efforts were, in his own words, “dismal.” Fortunately, he discovered The Speaker Lab, which helped him systematize his business to the point where he is now speaking over 50 times a year on top of working as a member of the TSL team. Dan joined us for episode 454 of the TSL podcast to discuss the step-by-step processes that help him succeed.

To really succeed as a speaker, you need a plan. Having a plan will get your family and friends in your corner when you first launch your business as well as showing future clients that you are serious about what you do. Dan has used careful strategy and repeatable systems to turn his speaking business into a well-oiled machine. From time management to email followups, putting systems in place will set you apart from the many wannabe speakers who are fueled by enthusiasm that lacks consistency. Furthermore, automated systems that work for you when you’re not even paying attention help you free up valuable time to spend with your loved ones. 

One of Dan’s systems that will interest many speakers is how he evaluates whether to take on unpaid gigs. Many clients with tight budgets can still offer value that can’t be quantified in monetary terms. At the same time, if you get a reputation for speaking for free, nobody will want to pay you! This is a question that boggles many speakers…after all, at the start of your career, you have very few options! Dan and Grant have all the answers for you on this episode, from how to decide if an audience is the perfect fit to tough conversations with clients who can’t pay you.

You’ll also learn all about: 

  • Dan’s tried-and-true contact strategy that connects him with the best leads.
  • Why quality of leads matters more than quantity.  
  • Why you should start with one signature talk rather than a suite of talks.
  • How to use your time if you have just 30 minutes a day for your speaking business.
  • How to balance your love of travel with missing your family at home.
  • Which parts of your speaking business should and shouldn’t be outsourced.
  • How to decide on software tools to automate your tasks.
  • …and so much more!

Want to know exactly how to find and book more paid speaking gigs?

Download our 18-page guide to the 6 proven steps you can use to book more paid speaking gigs in 2024!

About Dan Irvin

Dan Irvin is an experienced leader in sales, operations, and building peak performance teams.  For over a decade, Dan Irvin has brought proven excellence, experience, and commitment to leadership roles within nationally positioned organizations. Through his dynamic emphasis on sustainable enterprise growth through disciplined focus on leadership development and process efficiencies, Dan has created award-winning results in sales revenue, team growth, employee retention, and internal and external customer relations.

Dan earned a Masters degree in Adult Education & Training and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He resides in a north suburb of Dallas, TX with his wife, Catie, and three children. Most importantly, Dan is a husband, dad, self-care enthusiast, passionate about leadership, devoted friend, and college football fan.

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