Episode #475

3 Things No One Tells You About Being a Speaker

With Dr. India White

“You need to believe in yourself and you need to understand that you are validated in what you’re wanting to charge.”

In this edition of our Student Highlight series, Brittany Richmond sat down with Tedx Speaker and education thought leader Dr. India White to talk about what it takes to build a speaking business and the tangible, practical things Dr White did to take hers to the next level.

“Work with them through that process until they say, okay, now let’s get the contract going. Are you going to send it? Do you want mine? What do you want? Right. And then you go from there.”

This episode is filled with: 

  • Hard truths about building a speaking business
  • Practical knowledge and problem-solving to help you work through the hard things
  • Implementable changes to help you level up
  • Expert advice from people a few steps ahead of you to achieve your dreams
  • Tips on negotiating contracts
  • Guidance on building solid relationships both with the audience and the event decision-makers


“At the end of my conferences, I always have a QR code where I gather the people’s name information and I ask, how did you like this? What did you want to learn from this? Is there anything you can add to this?”

Episode Chapters:

  • 05:16 How to align with your purpose and do work that changes lives
  • 09:16 Why TSL and what was your hope when you made this investment?
  • 14:25 What was your purpose in stepping into this space?
  • 17:33 The best part about being a speaker
  • 18:59 Underrated speaking advice to help you grow faster
  • 25:25 Negotiating tips to help you get better contracts
  • 28:17 How to capture post event feedback from attendees and build a relationship with event planners
  • 31:32 Why brand building matters and how it shows up in other places off the stage
  • 35:26 Tweaking your talk when the event timeline is thrown off

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About Dr. India White

Dr. India White is a TEDx speaker, National Educational Consultant, author of 45+ books, and Co-author for Big Ideas Learning. India is a 3-time graduate of the University of Florida, majoring in math, educational leadership and educational leadership and administration. White has held positions as a math teacher, math coach, Assistant Principal, and a National Ed Consultant for India White Consulting LLC. India’s mission is to find out how to use equitable practices in math classrooms to bridge the achievement gap. India has served as a mentor and coach for educational leaders, and now offers workshops, professional development sessions, presentations, coaching and training for leaders in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion and in math.

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