Episode #477

Why You Should (Or Shouldn't) Start a Podcast

With John Ball

“The two most important qualities to come across as a speaker probably, and it’s on podcast as well, is to get across a sense of warmth and competence and if you can be in that energy, you can be more trusted as a voice.”

We’re back with another edition of our Coaches Corner series. This week, Maryalice is joined by John Ball, TSL coach and a veteran podcaster, to investigate whether podcasting is a channel worth pursuing as you build your speaking business.

“If you’re in your earlier stages of building a speaking career, then Guesting is much more a place to start because otherwise having your own show, the amount of work that does really need to go into that is going to be one more thing that may slow down your progress in building up your speaking business and your speaker pipeline.”

In this episode, John and Maryalice cover:

  • The pros and cons of podcasting
  • How to use podcasting to grow your audience and share your message
  • What makes a good podcast
  • Practical advice for you to get started
  • Tips on podcast pitching and getting onto guest shows
  • Why podcast may not be a great fit for you


“Like consistency is king, right? So if you’re promising a podcast drop every Thursday, and for three months you do it and then all of a sudden, third month you go away and then six weeks later you’re like, oh, I’m back, I’m so sorry, we’ve all experienced that. On the other side, don’t be that person. So if you can’t be consistent, I would say don’t start it.”

Episode Chapters:

  • 05:10 Start with guesting before launching your show.
  • 09:42 Podcasting helps you improve speaking skills that are applicable on stage.
  • 12:12 What to consider when thinking about starting a podcast.
  • 15:13 Examples of what being a great guest looks like.
  • 22:02 The importance of consistency.
  • 25:34 What you need to launch a great podcast.
  • 31:33 How to plan for longterm success.
  • 32:38 Ways to monetize your podcast.
  • 38:08 Get to know John.

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About John Ball

John is a British coach based in Valencia, Spain. He’s a familiar face/voice in the podcasting world and has been delivering virtual talks and workshops for over 12 years. John works internationally with coaches & speakers on personal presentation and performance skills. His knowledge in areas like influence and persuasion, philosophy, humour and brain science help inform his down to earth coaching style. Expect high-accountability coaching that feels like a warm hug and a firm push at the same time.

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