Episode #481

Speaking Leads 101: Process, Touchpoints, Cold vs Warm, and More

With Rick Clemons

“Just because you get a speaking gig doesn’t mean, oh, cool, I got the deposit check. Let’s go spend it. You don’t actually “realize” that entire piece of income until you walk off that stage and it’s done. But if you’re listening to how I’m talking about this, this is how a business owner thinks. This is not how a hobbyist thinks.”

We’re back with another edition of our Coaches Corner series! This week, Maryalice Goldsmith sat down with Rick Clemons to dig into lead management and how to think like a business owner in this relationship business.

“The more you can sell the solution that you provide, not you. Yes, quote, I am the solution, so to speak. But the solution I’m going to offer to them to fix their problem, the sooner you’re going to start getting the buy signals and the sooner you’ll start moving that through the selling pipeline and filling your pipeline through the process.”

In this episode, Rick and Maryalice cover:

  • The difference between warm and cold leads
  • What it means to think like a business owner vs a hobbyist
  • How many touchpoints a prospect needs to become a lead
  • Buyers mindsets around investment decisions
  • How to research the heck out a prospect so they become a lead
  • Practical examples of what consistently looks like in the lead generation process

“You have to find where you can get in the door. And one of the things I learned when I was doing this is I could offer a college or university something. Sometimes there was some pushback, but the moment I said, and here’s what else I’ll do, as soon as I offered the what else I’ll do, which was either a quick little webinar…or a recorded thing that I could do… I could get in the door.”

Episode Chapters:

  • 01:00 What are common pain points in lead generation?
  • 06:39 When do I consider it a lead?
  • 08:52 Should this be part of your daily routine?
  • 12:12 How can prospecting be done effectively?
  • 14:57 How can you leverage your warm network?
  • 19:46 What differentiates the mindset of a business owner?
  • 25:58 Do you understand the importance of relationships in this field?
  • 27:03 How does persistence benefit you as a speaker hoping to achieve business growth?
  • 33:12 Do you set clear goals for tasks?
  • 36:40 Could a webinar-driven low-end product work?
  • 37:35 How can you find opportunities to offer value?
  • 45:35 Examples of how Rick approaches finding places to offer value
  • 47:26 Why is tapping into the community important?

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About Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in marketing/branding, story creation, stagecraft, web design, biz strategy, copywriting, and systems design. His inspiring, cut-to-the chase talks inspire global audiences – college and university students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, LGBTQ community, and men’s groups –  to dump their excuses, face their fears, and live their unapologetic lives. He is a TEDx Speaker, world record holder, and BPS Elite Graduate.

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