Episode #482

Why You Need to Stop Taking Advice

With Dean Heffta

“Look for inspiration, not comparison.” 

Brittany Richmond sat down with Dean Heffta today to talk about his speaking journey, the National Speaker Association, and how he built a business to get him booked and paid consistently. 

Get back to the basics. Keep it simple. And remember, you don’t have to build somebody else’s business; you have to build YOUR own business.

In this episode, Brittany and Dean talk through:

  • Dean’s experience getting started as a speaker
  • When to donate your time and other ways to get paid 
  • Embracing the mindset of the marathon, not the sprint
  • What it looks like to provide services people rave about 
  • Dean’s new book and what having a book signals 
  • What are the perks of being in the National Speaker Association 
  • Developing the craft of speaking

“And to sustain innovation and to sustain the hard times and the uncertainties and the ups and the downs, I believe you need a community. Your friend group and your family group will smile and nod as you’re sharing things they don’t really understand or they can’t offer maybe the insights that the people in the speaking community can.”

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Episode Chapters:

  • 00:54 Dean’s background as a speaker 
  • 04:25 What does Dean currently speak on and what do his speaking engagements look like?
  • 10:05 When to think about donating your time.
  • 12:46 Dean’s take on a marathon not a sprint
  • 17:33 How to grow your business by developing referrals
  • 19:20 An overview of Dean’s book + the process of writing it
  • 24:17 What is the National Speakers Association?
  • 28:42 You get what you put into, here’s what that means for you as a speaker.
  • 31:19 Why communities matter and how to lean into the speaker community
  • 33:12 How to develop great relationships in this business
  • 38:32 How to build your personal brand while overcoming tech issues
  • 40:31 What it looks like to gracefully overcome adversity on the stage 
  • 43:19 Dean’s favorite thing about being a speaker

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About Dean Heffta

Dean Heffta helps leaders grow beyond technical competency into leadership mastery. Dean has trained hundreds of international leaders in his work ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small and mid-sized companies. He is the co-author of the recently released book “How We Connect: Using Process Communication Model to build healthy relationships” Dean is the president of the Illinois chapter of National Speakers Association. He speaks on leadership & communication and his firm, Clarus Results, delivers tailored training and coaching solutions designed for team effectiveness.

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