Episode #483

What's Your #1 Piece of Speaking Advice?

With The TSL Team

“Be the steakhouse, not the buffet.”

“Have a take.”

“View it as a business not a hobby.”

We asked the TSL team to tell us their #1 piece of advice for speakers, and they delivered. This episode contains hot takes, practical advice, and key speaking tips from industry experts and leaders.

If you want to go from casual speaker to pro in 2024, this episode will help you find a few focus areas, give you some inspiration, and help you take action to create your dreams.

The team covers:

  • Advice on niching down
  • How to go from hobbyist to a professional speaker
  • Daily habits to create success
  • Branding advice to help you level up
  • Why processes, systems, and execution matter
  • and so much more!

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About The TSL Team

This episode features 20 of The Speaker Lab’s team members sharing their #1 piece of speaking advice.

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