Episode #487

Your Guide to Leveraging Stories to Connect With Your Audience

With Ravi Rajani

“If you tell a story, it should evoke an emotion, and then that emotion can lead to a thought which shifts somebody’s perspective.”

If you want to learn how to tell better stories, this week’s podcast episode is a must-listen! Ravi Rajani joined Grant on the podcast this week to dig into all things storytelling. Ravi’s a TSL facilitator and also a professional speaker who teaches B2B sales teams to embrace storytelling and stories in their work so they can sell more effectively.

“What emotion am I trying to elicit? What perspective do they have right now that isn’t serving them? And what perspective do I want to give them and how can I support them in creating change?”

We all know that stories are important, but where do you begin? How do you source stories, what does it mean to workshop a story, and how do you create compelling stories? Ravi and Grant are sharing their expertise on sharing stories to connect with your audience.

“They all have one thing in common when telling a story and showing up in whatever medium they are. One, unapologetically self expressed. Two, they own their values, and three, they own their imperfections. And I think there’s nothing more charismatic and magnetic as to when somebody can do that.”

In this episode they share:

  • 00:57 Ravi’s speaking journey and background
  • 06:58 First person or third person stories? Which are better for you to use?
  • 10:35 What’s the difference between a mediocre story and a great story?
  • 12:50 Storytelling experts that Ravi looks to for advice
  • 14:34 Story structure for maximize impact
  • 20:16 How do humor and stories work together to create a great end product?
  • 23:04 What does it look like to tailor your stories to the audience?
  • 25:59 What is a story bank?
  • 28:42 How do you build a story bank?
  • 32:21 What is a “new two” and how can you leverage that to test stories?
  • 34:25 How do you script and practice stories so they don’t feel overly rehearsed?
  • 40:29 Where do you go from here? How do you put these things into practice?

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About Ravi Rajani

After leaving the world of B2B sales, Ravi successfully launched his own business from scratch during the global pandemic and has since delivered keynotes for Oracle NetSuite, Forbes, Crunchbase and more. He is estimated to be in the top 10% of LinkedIn profiles and is focused on helping B2B sales teams ditch feature selling so they can sell more through the art of storytelling.  Ravi helps speakers clarify their message, own their story and deliver a memorable experience to their clients.

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