Episode #489

How to Leverage Workshops to Build a 7-Figure Speaking Business

With Erick Rheam

“What better way than to expand your reach than to do workshops where you can really make an impact?”

This week, TSL Facilator and full-time speaker, Erick Rheam is on the podcast talking about how he’s personally scaled his business through workshops. Erick has a 4 step system for breaking into the workshop world to help unlock your income and your impact as a speaker.

“II started thinking, okay, this is my keynote. Now, if I were to actually go to an organization and spend 90 minutes or longer with them, what would that look like? What kind of value would I bring? What would be the call to actions? What would be the action items?”

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use workshops to grow your business, this episode is for you!

  • 01:07 What Erick’s been up to lately
  • 03:16 Erick’s business growth (with real numbers!) since he started speaking
  • 07:16 How workshops unlocked growth for Erick’s revenue
  • 10:01 Leveraging workshops as a way to make a bigger impact with your story and skills
  • 14:36 How workshops give you an opportunity to do work outside of classic events.
  • 16:11 What goes into creating a workshop? Well, here’s where you start.
  • 23:24 When you capture contact info, be sure you deliver the value you promise and more!
  • 25:50 Ideas to help with lead capture.
  • 29:54 How to outline your workshop.
  • 32:10 Make an educated guess, but be open to iterating when you start getting data.
  • 35:57 How Erick helps people supercharge their workshops.
  • 39:12 Why networking is worth it.
  • 43:24 What kind of income can someone make from workshops?
  • 46:39 About the Speaker Lab’s new workshop mastery program.

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About Erick Rheam

Erick is a speaker and bestselling author.  He’s earned over $2 Million in speaking fees where he helps busy professional men and women cut through the whirlwind of their lives, so that they may rise above their chaos and discover significance and live in peace.  Erick’s superpower is landing speaking gigs, so when he’s not on the speaking trail he’s helping high achievers translate their story into a high impactful and highly profitable speaking business.

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