Episode #490

How Finding Your Niche Will Unlock Your Growth

With Amy Pechacek

 “I did not see this being a full time gig at the time. I just thought I was going to be speaking, like, at churches or something, right? So I thought I was speaking at women events, women’s conferences and things like that while doing my nine to five, maybe on the weekends.”

This week, Grant Baldwin sat down with former TSL Student, Amy Pechacek, to dig into her speaking journey, how she’s “planned to win”, what her business looks like today, and the advice she would give other speakers looking to get to the next level.

“I came into this process thinking I was going to be an inspirational speaker…But people were coming to me, asking me to speak to their teams, and I thought, well, if people trust me in the realm of corporate american leadership and business development and sales and things like that, then I am a firm believer of people seeing you sometimes what you don’t see in yourself.”

In this episode, Amy and Grant get into:

  • 05:18 How Amy transitioned from part-time to full-time as a speaker
  • 07:20 Amy’s journey to exploring how to make speaking a business.
  • 10:13 How Amy transitioned from motivational speaking to corporate training.
  • 13:44 Leveraging both corporate training and inspirational speaking.
  • 19:27 Amy’s take on the desires that unite people and create passion and meaning in our lives.
  • 21:22 How Amy fosters connection with people in workshops.
  • 24:21 Amy’s next steps for growing her business.
  • 26:50 How Amy’s thought about narrowing direction in her business.
  • 31:12 Amy’s take on The Speaker Lab program.

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About Amy Pechacek

Public Speaker | President of Alpstra Training Solutions

As the President of Alpstra Training Solutions, a corporate training company specializing in leadership and business development programs, Amy is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Amy‘s journey towards her current role was marked by a profound desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Having spent the first part of her career as a schoolteacher, she recognized the need for broader impact and transitioned to the fast-paced world of corporate America. It didn’t take long for her to ascend to leadership positions, where she collaborated closely with sales, sales training, and leadership development teams.

In the heart of corporate leadership, Amy discovered a common thread that held people back—fear. She realized that many individuals, herself included, often allowed fear to hold them back from achieving their biggest goals and dreams.

Amy‘s personal quest for excellence was ignited by her unwavering passion for conquering adversity and becoming the very best version of herself. Today, she has devoted her life and career to helping others make a significant impact in their personal and professional lives.

“At Alpstra, our mission is grounded in my fervent belief that everyone possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. We are committed to excellence by challenging individuals to break those old mindsets, inspiring leaders to elevate their performance, and empowering teams with the tools and resources necessary to experience unparalleled growth in all facets of life and work.”

A native Louisianian, Amy moved to Texas in 2020. She is the mother to two amazing adult children, Nick and Erin, wife to Larry, and GiGi to Raynie Lynn.

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