Episode #491

7 Things to Consider Before Going Full-Time as a Speaker

With Jeremy Rochford

“The goal is to look at the science because there is a step by step metric to keep tabs on your career so that you know without a doubt, is this or is this not the right time to go full time?”

This week, Maryalice Goldsmith is joined on the podcast by Jeremy Rochford to talk about when it’s time to go full-time with your speaking. Jeremy has a 7-step framework to make sure your transition from part-time to full-time speaker is seamless. If you’re on the fence or wondering when is the right time, this episode is for you!

“There are two things that most people will say are the most valuable things in life. One, time, two, money.”

In this episode, Jeremy and Maryalice discuss. 

  • 01:00 Separating emotion from science in career decisions.
  • 04:37 Why timing matters.
  • 07:23 How to evaluate your readiness for a full-time speaking career.
  • 10:16 What does this process of assessment look like in practice?
  • 16:19 Where to grow and focus your efforts.
  • 20:38 Reflect on the impact this will have on your routines.
  • 21:53 Discuss outcomes and implications for the people you leave behind.
  • 25:50 Why do we recommend bouncing this off a coach?
  • 31:00 Get serious about speaking, visit thespeakerlab.com.

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About Jeremy Rochford

With a BA in Public Relations and over 20 years of stage experience, Jeremy Rochford is no stranger to the art of performance-based communication. Specializing in speech-craft, storytelling, copywriting, humor, presentation, and performance design, Jeremy’s creative approach has entertained, and inspired, audiences of all sizes to stop dreaming and start doing. He is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, award-winning athlete, Nashville recording artist, and certified Life/Wellness/Weight Loss Coach.

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