Episode #493

Why YOU Might Be the Reason Your Business Isn't Growing

With Jake Thompson

“I’ve always, always had the mentality, that I’m going to out prepare and outperform you. I just want the audience to leave, thinking “Yeah, we had that person who was an Olympic athlete or a pro athlete, but this guy over here who was like, working at a gas station selling t-shirts, that guy put on a show. And so I’ve always had the mentality to let the experience outweigh some of the credentials backing it up with statistics and data and things like that.”

This week, Grant sat down with Jake Thompson, a speaker, author, and one of our amazing facilitators here at TSL, to dig into how he’s scaled his business and his income. Jake’s been on a few other episodes, so check out episodes 205 and 412 and then tune back in here.

“Throw out the hundreds and throw out the zeros and look at the medium. What did the person who booked you say, and are they willing to put their reputation on the line and do a testimonial referral? Because if they are, then you delivered, but if you didn’t, you’re probably going to get crickets from them, even if the “audience” loved you.”

In this episode, Grant and Jake dig into:

  • 00:00 Jake’s background and story to here.
  • 06:19 How to find your mentors.
  • 09:30 Building community for growth.
  • 11:29 Focus areas to allow you to win as a speaker.
  • 14:41 Why following up and following through will set you apart.
  • 18:38 Finding the confidence to raise prices.
  • 21:20 Jake’s mindset on pricing and fees.
  • 24:19 Preparing to show up better than influencers in the space.
  • 26:58 What questions should you ask to guide your business?
  • 31:10 Jake’s next phase in business.
  • 34:25 Why it’s important to sell and outcome, not a package.

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About Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is an athlete, entrepreneur, and speaker who teaches grit, accountability, & how to compete every day for success. Over the last 12 years, Jake has worked with leaders and organizations all over the world helping them develop the mindset and skills necessary to close the gap between their current position and their full potential. Jake is a proud TCU Horned Frog and earned his MBA from the University of Dallas. He lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his amazing wife & their three dogs, Sugar, Biscuit, & Donut.

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