Episode #495

Your Front Row Seat To Life As A Speaker

With Erin Pompa

“We can serve everybody, but that’s being selfish, because it is impossible to give deep impactful, valuable change in a certain demographic if you are serving everyone in the world.”

This week, Brittany Richmond and Erin Pompa sat down to talk about all things speaking. Erin’s been a youth speaker for years and has had just about every experience you can have while building a speaking career. In this episode, Brittany and Erin get into the good, the bad, and the ugly as you balance your impact and your opposition.

“And I had to learn how to release that pressure that I was putting on myself to be perfect.”

During this conversation, they cover:

  • 05:07 Let’s meet Erin Pompa.
  • 07:11 What was your journey to becoming a speaker?
  • 10:43 How did you get started when you decided to become a speaker?
  • 15:06 Erin’s journey to finding her voice and message as a speaker.
  • 19:33 Tips for working a room while you’re speaking.
  • 22:59 The reality of getting negative feedback.
  • 25:08 What does it mean to be a speaker and put yourself on stage.
  • 29:05 How to reach your audience before you give your talk.

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About Erin Pompa

Erin Pompa received her Masters in Dance Education from New York University and served as an adjunct professor at Berkeley College, where she taught the Art of Creativity. and was the Dance Director at Rosa Parks High School of Fine & Performing Arts. Erin uses her journey and 15 years of experience in arts education, performance, and curriculum design to deliver educational and inspirational presentations for students. She has been featured in Dance Magazine, and Dance Business Weekly, and won the Toastmasters Area and District 83 Table Topics Competition in 2022. Erin is on a mission to help inspire & empower our youth with the tools to overcome limiting beliefs that are stopping them from excelling in their life. To learn more about Erin visit erinpompa.com.

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