Episode #498

Our Best Practical Advice for Speakers

With The Speaker Lab Team

This week on the podcast, we’re excited to share our best tips, tricks, and amazing speaking advice from our coaching/support team and our resident speakers here at The Speaker Lab. Our team has decades of combined experience both as speakers themselves and as coaches helping other speakers like you take things to the next level.

This episode is full of quick, practical advice that you can apply in your speaking business RIGHT NOW and start finding more paid gigs and growing your business.

Through this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find your confidence as a speaker
  • How to find your speaking community,
  • Actionable steps to get booked & paid to speak®
  • How to show up in a way that honors who you are
  • How to think about your branding as whole
  • And much, much more

In this episode, you’ll hear from: 

Angie Besignano – Angie Besignano is a TSL Coach and is a Certified High-Performance Coach with 35 years of experience in Human Development. She’s built her coaching practice with the help of her speaking career, and she works with our students to gain clarity and confidence to build a speaking business of their own.

Dan Irvin – Dan Irvin is an Enrollment Advisor here at the Speaker Lab and also one of our Resident Speakers. Dan’s speaking business is centered around helping leaders remove distractions to lead better.

Emily Arnold – Emily Arnold is our Elite Concierge & Community Manager here at TSL. She’s a curious, creative, color-loving extrovert who aims to cultivate delight in the everyday.

Eve DeVault Gilmore – Eve DeVault Gilmore is our Elite Concierge and Lead Manager at TSL. Her love for customer service has brought her to TSL, where she gets to provide one-on-one care to students every day.

Jeremy Rochford – Jeremy Rochford is a TSL Coach and has a BA in Public Relations and over 20 years of stage experience, so he is no stranger to the art of performance-based communication.

John Ball – John Ball is a TSL Coach and a familiar face/voice in the podcasting world and has been delivering virtual talks and workshops for over 12 years. John works internationally with coaches & speakers on personal presentation and performance skills.

Katherine Johnson – Katherine Johnson is a TSL Coach and has helped speakers for over 8 years amplify their message and stand out for the right reasons. She teaches speakers how to effectively use their authentic presence and personal brand to position themselves and go from ordinary to outstanding.

Katie Cambell – Katie Campbell is a certified coach and our Lead Concierge. Prior to her own speaking and coaching practice, she worked in the corporate marketing world.

Nanette Hitchcock – Nanette Hitchcock is a Coach here at The Speaker Lab and has been an Executive Leadership Coach across multiple industries for 10+ years. She’s also been a leadership speaker for many more.

Reggie Wright – Reggie Wright is an Enrollment Advisor here at TSL and a youth speaker. Reggie focuses his time on investing in future generations to cultivate a life that breeds intention and fulfilment.

Rick Clemons – Rick Clemons is the Lead Coach here at the Speaker Lab and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in marketing/branding, story creation, stagecraft, web design, biz strategy, copywriting, and systems design.

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