Episode #5

Talk Business Building To Me

With Nanette Hitchcock

Nanette Hitchcock is here this week to talk business building as a speaker. Nanette’s a speaker and a coach here at The Speaker Lab and she works with students day in and day out to set their businesses up for success with clear, confident plans.

“If you don’t have a sustainable business plan that’s supported with systems and strategies and practices, everyday disciplined practices that you are committed to, then probably that idea won’t get out into the world in an impactful way.”

In this episode of Talk Speaker To Me Nanette covers:

  • The two pillars of focus when it comes to ramping up or rebuilding your speaking efforts
  • How to set and understand your bigger goals
  • What it means to think like a business owner vs a hobby speaker

“For right now, I want you to just look at your compelling idea, make sure that you have really fleshed that out, that pillar of what is the ultimate benefit of me speaking into people’s lives and sharing content and helping them solve problems.”

Ready to learn more? Let’s Talk Speaker with Nanette.

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About Nanette Hitchcock
Nanette has been an Executive Leadership Coach across multiple industries for 10+ years and a speaker for many more. She creates an annual event for emerging leaders and is the developer of Full Strength Leadership.  Nanette has stayed on mission to equip and encourage leaders and helped transform many corporate cultures into thriving environments. Nanette has also done the hard work to build a successful business and those who coach with her develop a strong speaking business that has a clear vision.

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