Episode #501

How To Create an Engaging and Compelling Keynote

With Eva Daniel

 “The biggest mistake that I repeatedly see speakers make is procrastination, just waiting too long to actually start developing the content and too long to practice the delivery.”

This week, Grant sat down with Eva Daniel to talk about one of the most important parts of being an effective speaker — creating and delivering an engaging speech. Eva is a speaker, storytelling expert, and communications professional, and the founder of the Speak Shop, where she helps speakers produce better content.

“I believe that every speech is alive in breathing and a work in progress. And so we’re just always making sure that, like, is it in the best order? And do I enjoy giving it the way that it is? And is the audience responding well to it in the way that I would envision them to be responding?”

This episode covers:

  • 00:00 Eva’s background
  • 04:40 How do you know when your speech is polished and done?
  • 06:24 What does it look like to iterate on your content?
  • 11:46 How do you create a successful delivery of your speech?
  • 14:06 What kind of goals are you setting for your content?
  • 20:06 What is good practice when it comes to prepping for a keynote?
  • 25:19 How do you nail your timing?
  • 27:23 What role should visuals have in your talk?
  • 31:12 How do you leverage the room to ensure your talk is still well received?
  • 33:22 What does it look like to be prepared for all occasions?
  • 36:53 How do you become a great speaker?
  • 39:43 Eva’s contact info and resources

“My biggest piece of advice though is your goal is to internalize your content for the big ideas, not to memorize it.”

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 “Not all practice is created equal. Giving your content to your bathroom mirror on, you know, the Wednesday before the Thursday you speak is not going to be as effective as if the Friday before you’d run it through a group of three to five people.”

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About Eva Daniel

Eva Daniel founded The Speak Shop to train leaders on crafting and delivering inspirational content on the world’s largest platforms. She worked with money pro Dave Ramsey, execs from numerous billion dollar companies including Chick-fil-A, and many of the world’s top authors, speakers, CEOs, and executive leaders. Her work has been featured on syndicated radio broadcasts, top 5 podcasts, viral YouTube shows, and livestreams seen by millions of people around the world.

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