Episode #503

How to Authentically Connect with Your Audience

With Katherine Johnson

“Reframing my approach to public speaking was a game-changer once I recognized I was my own worst critic.”

This week, Maryalice sat down with Katherine Johnson a TSL coach, to chat about all things authenticity on stage. If you think you’re authentic on stage, this may be the wake-up call you didn’t know you needed!

When it comes to presenting ourselves to an audience, we tend to think about the logistics, what we’re wearing, what we’re saying, etc., but we can forget about the intention and the science behind building trust and credibility with our audience.

“If you think you have to prove you are, you’re making it all about yourself, and that cuts connection. Like, if I could just say that you can feel that in your body, you have to find some ways to shift to connection.”

In this episode, Maryalice and Katherine get into:

  • 03:50 Why actually connecting with the audience matters more than the words you say
  • 08:49 Why aiming for connection will change the success you experience
  • 12:19 How to set yourself up for success on the stage.
  • 15:34 What are a few ways we can improve connection and authenticity on stage?
  • 16:39 How does nervousness get in the way of our message?
  • 20:06 The impact of energy in our pre-stage routine.
  • 25:43 How to overcome fear of criticism during talks.
  • 27:07 What it looks like to get comfortable with the fear and anxiety you might feel.
  • 33:14 How do you remove armor and promote connection?

“Connection matters more than anything because you can actually say something. You could be a mediocre speaker. You could be an up-and-coming speaker. You can be pretty green. But if you know how to focus on connection with your audience, you’re gonna do something special. You can continue to get better in terms of your content and some of your stagecraft, but if you know how to create that connection and be authentic from the stage, that does something powerful.”

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About Katherine Johnson

Katherine has helped speakers for over 8 years amplify their message and stand out for the right reasons. A sought-after presence and personal brand consultant, she teaches speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs how to effectively use their authentic presence and personal brand to position themselves and go from ordinary to outstanding. Working with speakers all over the world, her unique and integrative approach incorporates expertise in image consulting, personal branding, Positive Intelligence™ Mental Fitness coaching, and Core Values Index™ leadership development.

Katherine earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College, developing a passion for peak performance and mindset as an elite athlete and 10-time National Champion. She has spoken on stages across North America, successfully launched an online course and group programs, and has been interviewed by the NY Times for her work with high-visibility women leaders in public service. A deep thinker and heartfelt guide, she helps speakers unlock the inner and outer game of presence and tap into their winning formula for success.

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