Episode #504

How I Made Six Figures in My First Year as a Speaker

With Missy West

“People buy from you when they feel understood, not when they understand you.”

This week, Grant’s sitting down with TSL alumna Missy West to talk about her unlikely journey to public speaking and how her speaking career has taken off over the last few years.

If you’re wondering if you can overcome your fear of being on stage and be successful as a brand new speaker, this episode is for you!

“I made six figures in my first full year of speaking.”

In this episode, Grant and Missy get into:

  • 03:18 How Missy overcame fear and seized opportunities through resilience.
  • 06:20 Why encouragement matters as you chase goals.
  • 12:01 Missy didn’t want to become a speaker; here’s why
  • 13:54 How to overcome self-doubt and criticism
  • 18:18 Why you need a resilience team
  • 19:54 What a resilience team does
  • 22:25 What happened once you started speaking
  • 27:35 How did you transition from hobby to potential career
  • 30:09 What came next in terms of pursuing this as a career
  • 34:13 What do you think is the difference between successful and unsuccessful speakers
  • 36:58 What’s a great example of networking as a speaker
  • 40:05 How do you invest in relationships to grow your business

“My resilience team reminded me, no, this is just a different stage. And everything that you’ve accomplished happened because you leaned into those tough moments when you were scared and you showed up anyway.”

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About Missy West

Following her retirement from college coaching, Missy became a highly sought-after keynote & motivational speaker. Businesses, national organizations, high schools, colleges & leadership seminars around the country have benefited from Missy’s transformative message.

Her keynote Crushing the Inner Critic has resonated with professionals from the corporate and health care space all the way down to 5th grade students. From personal experience and working with thousands of students, coaches and professionals across the country, Missy recognizes we all have one common obstacle we all encounter, our own negative self-talk.

Missy works to bring awareness to those negative voices in our minds, shifting them into something positive while also finding ways we can lean into our fears so we can SHOW UP and become the best version of ourselves.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker Missy was inducted into 7 Athletic Hall of Fames including the National High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017, where she would give an eleven minute acceptance speech that would catapult her speaking career to what it is today. By leaning into her fears and doing what scared her half to death (public speaking), it would lead her down a career path where she is positively impacting the world in a greater way than she ever did as an athlete.

Missy, originally from Malone, NY, earned a full athletic scholarship to play basketball at Duke University winning two ACC conference championships, playing in the national championship in 1999, and earning the Heart and Hustle Award voted by her teammates, twice. She then played professional basketball in Germany winning a league championship and followed it up with a 12-year coaching career at the Division III and II levels breaking numerous school records and earning several coach of the year awards including one of eight nominees up for national coach of the year in 2013.

Missy and co-founder, Colleen Healy, a former UCONN Women’s Basketball player own their own speaking business called ORCA Leadership, LLC. Website: www.orcaleadership.com. Missy and Colleen have created unique opportunities for conferences & associations where they oftentimes collaborate together on and off the stage on Crushing the Inner Critic and Building Trust in Teams Through Belonging.

Missy’s personal speaking website is: www.themissywest.com.

Missy currently resides in Tampa, FL and is a two-time Ironman finisher.

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