Episode #505

How to Bring an Online Course to Life

With Michael Patellis

“The hardest part is just getting started, actually, because a lot of people say, well, yeah, I’ve got to make it perfect. I’ve got to do all these slides and presentations, curriculum, all this documentation. The best thing to do is just get started.”

This week, Grant sits down with Michael Patellis the cofounder of CopeCart to talk about developing a course as a speaker.

“A lot of people, they require that discipline of being able to follow a script and follow a syllabus of, okay, I have to do this thing this week, next week, etc. And then there’s others that their courses are almost independent study. So a lot of it depends on the market segment that you’re in and how detailed your course is and what the skill set is.”

This week, Grant and Michael get into:

  • 00:00 Why should speakers consider courses as part of their business?
  • 05:19 How to think about ROI on your course?
  • 08:29 What kind of structure should you put for your course?
  • 10:40 What do you recommend in terms of how your course is laid out?
  • 16:00 How do people usually market a course?
  • 19:05 What other marketing opportunities are there?
  • 20:12 What kind of payout are creators looking at?
  • 24:51 What leads to a successful course?

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About Michael Patellis

Michael is a co-founder and the Chief Business Development Strategist for CopeCart USA. Prior to launching CopeCart USA 2022, Michael has held executive level sales and business development roles for multiple start-up companies in technologies such as streaming, edge-computing, cloud-computing, and remote system management. Michael has been a key part of two of the last three start-ups he has worked with that have resulted in successful exits. At the age of 15 Michael lost his vision to a rare mitochondrial disease and has been blind since. Michael lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his amazing wife Alison of 20 years, and beautiful children, Piper, 16 and Nicholas, 12.

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