Episode #92

How to Dress as a Public Speaker

With The Speaker Lab

Different speakers dress differently. I’m sure you’ve seen speakers come on stage in everything from jeans to a suit. So what should you wear?

On episode 92 of The Speaker Lab, I share my thoughts on what attire is appropriate and when. While I don’t claim to be a fashionista, I do know how important what you wear is when speaking to an audience!

I’ll be digging into that specific topic on this special solo edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • When should you wear business casual attire?
  • Can you dress like Scott Stratten if you aren’t Scott Stratten?
  • Why you should ask about the audience’s dress code before the event.
  • Why I don’t like speaking in a suit.
  • Are there certain things to avoid wearing if you are going to be on video?
  • What Tommy Boy can teach you about dressing for your speaking engagement.
  • Why pack a backup shirt/outfit.
  • What are the three things to check right before you go on stage

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