Episode #488

How to Give Yourself a Raise & Charge What You're Worth

With Angie Besignano

“I think it’s really about differentiating between the reality and the necessity. How much do I need to make? How much will the market bear? And can I find that in between space where it actually makes sense?”

This week, Maryalice Goldsmith sat down with Angie Besignano to chat about how to charge your worth as a speaker just getting started.

If you’re new to speaking and looking to break into the industry, this is a great resource on how to think about initial pricing, when to give yourself a raise, and how to go about finding your value in the market.

“There were definitely cues that I was receiving from the market that were kind of telling me, maybe it is time. Maybe it is time for me to go from $1,000 to $1,500 to $2,000 and make those incremental jumps.”

During this episode, Maryalice and Angie discuss:

  • 05:59 Why you have to understand your money mindset and how to change your relationship with money.
  • 08:44 How to set realistic expectations around your financial expectations.
  • 11:13 What goes into developing a well rounded fee.
  • 14:34 How to assess your value based on expertise, not time.
  • 16:58 Developing your confidence as a speaker through your fees.
  • 23:09 Why you need to gut check when you’re quoting prices.
  • 26:46 Elevate your pricing through market testing.
  • 29:44 Using boundaries and confidence to set fair fees.
  • 31:06 Understand the market, your money mindset, and your goals for true success in the speaking industry

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About Angie Besignano

Angie is a Certified High-Performance Coach with 35 years of experience in Human Development. She’s built her coaching practice with the help of her speaking career and she works with our TSL students to gain clarity and confidence to build a speaking business of their own. Originally from NJ, Angie now lives in AZ with her puppies and her people.

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