Episode #474

How to Overcome Your Fear and Make an Impact Through Speaking

With Dave Allred

“If something scares you, you should probably do it.”

Grant sits down with Dave Allred to talk about how speaking can help you expand your comfort zone, create opportunities, and unlock potential in your life to achieve your goals. If you have thought about using speaking as a means to magnify and expand the impact of your legacy, this episode is for you.

“My primary goal, Grant, when I get on stage, I always try to ask myself this question over and over as I’m preparing as well as when I walk on the stage, is just how can I create maximum value for the audience? That’s where I found the best success, man, because you’re really focusing on how you can create and serve the audience, and it’s always going to come back full circle to you.”

In this episode Grant and Dave cover: 

  • Dave’s story and how he got into speaking
  • How to stay top of mind and build a reputation as a speaker
  • Practical tips for bridging the gap between relationship building and pitching
  • What it looks like to bet on yourself and achieve big goals
  • How to get started when something is new and/or intimidating
  • And more!


“My advice would be, is to just dive in headfirst and again, take every single speaking opportunity that you can, even if it’s for free, even if you have to pay for the flight or the hotel and whatnot, just go and do it.”

Episode Chapters: 

  • 02:20 Tell us about who you are and what you want in life
  • 06:26 What’s your backstory look like and how did you find speaking?
  • 11:05 Speaking was a tool that allowed you to attract capital. What did that look like?
  • 14:51 What kind of results do you expect from speaking gigs?
  • 18:15 Being active on social media is an important part of brand building and creating opportunities
  • 21:30 The criteria Dave uses to assess if gigs are worth it
  • 24:45 Using speaking to build strong relationships and create value for people who matter as a way to measure impact
  • 27:24 What do you do it capture the leads in a room to keep a conversation going?
  • 31:24 How should someone get into speaking?

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About Dave Allred

Dave Allred is Managing Partner and CEO of Axia Partners, a public speaker and executive business consultant, and a prominent figure in the real estate world. Allred’s life reflects what a person can do when they live with intentionality and a willingness to “Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can have what others can’t.”

Born into a destitute family and entirely on his own at age 17, Dave first reset the standards of his life by becoming a millionaire at age 26 during his 15 year leadership career with Vivint, the nation’s largest smart home security company. After eight years as Regional V.P. of Sales, he then transitioned to help grow sister company Vivint Solar. Dave led 121 sales teams across 41 states over his leadership career, contributing to both companies going public with multi-billion dollar valuations.  

At age 30, after reverse engineering how much passive income from real estate he’d need for true financial freedom, Dave committed to building a portfolio with ownership in 1,000 rental doors by age 40. He achieved his goal and then launched Axia Partners, a fund focused on recession-resilient commercial real estate.

Along the way, Dave has created a life focused on family, freedom, value, and purpose. He’s traveled to over 55 countries, a Mt. Everest expedition, spoken on stages worldwide, and mentored thousands to live life fully with purpose and freedom through his unique “Lifestyle Design” system. 

Today, Dave’s mission is creating value and inspiring others to achieve freedom through lifestyle investing, and is committed to helping as many people achieve financial freedom through passive income real estate as possible. And, along with his ride-or-die wife and four beautiful children, he’s launched the Allred Family Foundation to give back and help the charitable causes his children have chosen to support.

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