Episode #233

Speech Breakdown of Toastmasters Champion Ramona Smith

With The Speaker Lab

We’re doing something different this week on The Speaker Lab: coming straight from our YouTube channel is our play by play breakdown of speeches and popular Ted Talks. We’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t work and some ideas on areas to improve.

Today our speech breakdown is of 2018 Toastmasters Champion Ramona J. Smith.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about Toastmasters which I will share on today’s episode. So tune in to hear my thoughts on Toastmasters and our speech breakdown of Toastmasters champion Ramona Smith on episode 233 of The Speaker Lab.


  • What are one of the ways you get better as a speaker?
  • How does Toastmasters help you improve?
  • Can you ever be too polished as a speaker?
  • What are the drawbacks to Toastmasters?
  • How to use cadence in your speeches for greatest effect.
  • When does physicality work in your favor and when does it not?
  • How can you create visual representations on stage?
  • How to use strategic pauses to emphasize your points.
  • And so much more!

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