Episode #83

How to Travel Hack Around the World

With Travis Sherry

What if you could travel to Australia for free? Or take your family to Hawaii for next to nothing? Our guest on today’s show, Travis Sherry, knows how and he’s built a business by helping others with his knowledge.

Travis was teaching English in Japan a few years ago and wanted to travel more and spend less. That led him to Google which led him down a virtual rabbit hole.

To help him better understand what he was learning, and to share it with other people, he started a site called Extra Pack of Peanuts. It began as a blog to chronicle journey into the world of free travel including hacks, airlines points, frequent flier miles. Today it has grown to much more!

On episode 83 of The Speaker Lab, Travis shares what he’s learned along the way, his best travel tips, and how to accumulate miles and points so you can get free travel for yourself and your loved ones. Check it out on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • One of Travis’ top tips for making travel as enjoyable as possible.
  • How can you get more time to explore the cities you speak in?
  • The 3 best ways to get miles and points, even if you fly only a few times a year.
  • Why not all points are created equal.
  • Should you get frequent flier accounts with all airlines?
  • How to use credit card offers to get more miles.
  • Are certain credit cards more valuable than others?
  • A next-level travel hacks my family uses that you can use too.
  • And so much more!

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