254. The Financial Side of Speaking with Mike Michalowicz

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Mike Michalowicz Grant Baldwin public speaking public speaker profit first The Speaker LabOne of the most challenging aspects of being a speaker is avoiding the feast or famine financial rollercoaster.

Our guest today has advice on how to leave the rollercoaster ride at the amusement park, and keep your bank balance on an even keel. Mike Michalowicz first joined us on episode 119 and today he’s back to talk about the financial side of speaking.

Mike is an entrepreneur, well-known keynote speaker and best-selling author who has written several books including Profit First and his latest, Clockwork. His strategies have had a big impact on my life and on this edition of The Speaker Lab you’ll get a taste of why. Join us for episode 254 with Mike Michalowicz.


  • What is “the drip”?
  • How does he approach quarterly tax estimates?
  • What are we actually taxed on?
  • How much should you reserve off your fees for tax liabilities?
  • Can you own your content and have someone else deliver it?
  • How he has specialized his Profit First content for different verticals.
  • When does it become about the product and not the speaker?
  • How do you know what size business is appropriate for you?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Any way I can get the message out is a win.” – Mike Michalowicz


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