136. Confessions of a Public Speaker With Scott Berkun

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Scott Berkun joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about his books Confessions of a Public Speaker and The Dance of The Possible, and more!

A lot of speakers want to write books and be recognized as best-selling authors – but not many speakers call themselves a writer who happens to speak. But our guest for episode 136 of The Speaker Lab does!

Scott Berkun, author of Confessions of a Public Speaker and his latest book, The Dance of The Possible, joins us to talk about why his books drive his speaking career, how his career has evolved over the years, and how he chooses his book topics.

Scott has authored 7 books in the last 12 years and in that time his speaking career has evolved from workshops and consulting gigs to lectures and keynoting conferences. You’ll hear how he did this, where his speaking career began and how to develop your expertise in one area. You’ll even hear his worst speaking moment! Join us for that and more on today’s The Speaker Lab!


  • How much of his income is from speaking vs book sales?
  • The two ways he narrowed down his speaking topic and his audience.
  • What does he recommend to speakers just starting out?
  • Do you need to publish a book in order to be a speaker?
  • Does he ever speak for free today?
  • Why did he write Confessions of a Public Speaker?
  • What Steven Soderberg can teach you about creativity and profitability.
  • What is the test of whether or not an idea is valid?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “It’s a hustle no matter what your origin story is.” – Scott Berkun