008. What Do You Want to Speak About?

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On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab, the focus is on choice: making choices in terms of the content and main ideas of your talks, speeches and presentations.

In essence we’re looking at how to decide exactly what it is you want to speak about.

I offer several bits of advice on the decisions you will have to make about your topics, including the five ways that will help you decide what you want to talk about during your speaking career.

Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!



  • How your experiences can help shape your topics.
  • What components of your life can make you an interesting speaker?
  • How you may actually be an expert in your interests.
  • The importance of why you want to speak and how it affects your topic.
  • What are niche and unique topics and which ones work best for you?
  • How to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t in speaking.
  • What research should you do to prepare yourself for a speaking career?
  • And much, much more!

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