How much does the Speaker Lab program cost?

If you’re looking to grow your business, you’re probably really passionate about speaking. That’s great. It’s absolutely essential.

But unfortunately, being really good at speaking is not necessarily enough to launch a successful full-time speaking business, no matter how great a speaker you are.

You could have the most inspirational, original message in the world, but if you aren’t consistently measuring and tracking the health of your business, your bottom line will suffer.

You could outsource some of the tasks to others, like a website builder or a virtual assistant. But if you really want to find a one-stop-shop for all your speaking needs, you may appreciate the comprehensive offerings that an organization like the Speaker Lab offers, from coaching you on how to get paid speaking gigs, to building a website, to building the systems that you need to help your business grow.

Like any small business, there will be an upfront capital expense to get you started. But given the scalability of a speaking business in particular, we are confident that by following the roadmap that the Speaker Lab gives you, you will be able to find and land paid speaking gigs on a consistent basis and build your speaking business. You may now be wondering, how much does the Speaker Lab program cost? Read on to find out more.

How much does the Speaker Lab program cost?

How much does the Speaker Lab program cost? Here at The Speaker Lab, we have a range of options and a variety of ways to pay for our coaching programs. We customize the pricing based on your needs and offer payment plans and financing options to make our program accessible to as many people as possible. Read below for an overview of our Elite program, and more details on financing options!

What is included in our elite program cost?

Our core Elite program is called Booked and Paid to Speak (BPS: Elite for short), and it’s the premier training & coaching program for paid speakers everywhere.

Included in the cost of our elite program:

  • Your first (or next) paid speaking gig—guaranteed
  • Ongoing access to our speaking coaches earning 6-figures in their speaking businesses
  • Done-for-you marketing, website, & demo video
  • Personalized leads for your speaking business
Ready to take the next step? You can book a call here for the next Booked & Paid To Speak Elite Cohort, and get your First (Or Next) Paid Speaking Gig — Guaranteed.
If you’re selected to enroll in our coaching program, do the work, and still don’t get booked and paid to speak through this program, we’ll give you a full refund. But due to the 100% money back warranty and unlimited coaching offered, we only select 10 students to work with per cohort. Apply here.


Here’s more information on the value of our elite program:



The overwhelming majority of our students tell us that LIVE teaching and coaching is by far their preferred way to fast-track their learning and speaking business.

We want you to know that we hear you, and we’re doing something about it.

In 2022, we moved ALL our core content to a LIVE format where you can engage, ask questions, and really get the most from each and every training call.

But don’t worry, our recorded content isn’t going anywhere—it will still be there anytime you want to rewatch or review anything. 


The Lead-Finding Intel Engine is our brand-new “secret weapon” for finding paid speaking gigs.

It’s the world’s first search engine that allows you to search in real-time for upcoming opportunities for you to get booked and paid to speak.

This tool will cut your information-gathering time from hours to seconds.

No more painstaking research, no more calling events that don’t pay, no more contacting decision makers with an irrelevant message. The Intel Engine has been developed to quickly identify planners, executives, decision makers, and bureau representatives.

Hands down, this is by far the fastest and most efficient way to discover the relevant and paid speaking opportunities that are worth your time to pursue.

This will give you a BIG edge over the competition. 


Since we’ve moved our core training to a live format, you might think that’s going to mean more group coaching and less personal attention for you.

Not at all!

Of course we still offer group coaching, and we’ll continue to do so. But rather than decrease the 1:1 attention you receive, we’re making significant improvements to raise the bar on our 1:1 coaching so you get the individual coaching and feedback you need to level up and truly shine as a rockstar speaker.


For 2+ years now, We’ve been talking about the amazing benefits of virtual speaking to anyone who will listen.

This is the single FASTEST-growing opportunity in speaking…

And it will continue to experience hockey-puck growth for years to come.

Plus, the fact that no travel is required means that you can deliver virtual presentations far more quickly and profitably.

So starting 9/1/2022, we’ve added a virtual speaking coaching component to our programs to help you learn how to book and deliver jaw-dropping virtual presentations that will keep you booked and paid—no matter what’s happening with live events.


For the first time ever, our founder Grant Baldwin will be running a 6-month personal mastermind for a small group of qualified speakers.

This will be the ONLY live coaching that he does moving forward…and it’s a game-changer.

You’ll get to join his personal coaching circle and learn directly from Grant and his world-class virtual VIP cohort taught by multiple six-figure virtual speaking professionals.

We’ve enhanced our marketing suite to include an upgraded professional speaker website, demo video, and lead generation system with 100+ leads guaranteed for you ($4,000 value)

We added game-changing content on virtual speaking through our Virtual Speaker Pro Training Suite ($2,497 value)

While other programs send you “logins” and wish you good luck, we added a white-glove Ritz Carlton-style concierge department who conducts LIVE orientation Zoom meetings for all new speaker students so that you have the best opportunity to succeed and get off to a great start ($2,997 value)

While other programs dump you into huge facebook groups where it’s hard to get help and connect with others, we invested in our Circle Support Community where you’re able to easily connect with coaches, meet students who are in the same place in their business you are, and even network with each other to share secrets and what’s working ($997 per month value)

We expanded our coaching team and hired some of the best coaching minds in the game and expanded our team. We have speaker business coaches, mindset coaches, virtual speaking experts, stagecraft experts, and more. We have six figure speaking coaches all the way to 7-figure speaker coaches (priceless)

We added VOXER to give you unparalleled access to our coaches, and then expanded that access to include access to our VIP facilitators like superstar Erick Rheam (priceless)

We increased the length of 1:1 coaching calls you get with our rockstar team of coaches for 3-6 months of access ($6,000 value)

We added a six figure custom speaker proposal so that anytime a new student comes into our program within 90 days they have a custom proposal that models after the industry’s most successful speakers ($1,997 value)

Funding Options

We have brought on strategic partners for our funding program that will allow you to break up your speaking investment in 3, 6, 9, and even 12 month payments…Learn Now, Pay Later.

Learn Now, Pay Later is… as awesome as it sounds. It includes: 

  • 18 months to pay off the program same as cash (you read that right, a YEAR AND A HALF!!!)
  • Insanely low monthly payments on the program (instead of paying the investment up front)
  • Up to SEVEN YEARS to pay off the program….  (you read that right too haha)



So you can literally get rolling with us for a FRACTION out of pocket (sometimes, none!) but here’s the best part…


You onboard and start with us SAME DAY.

Book a call with one of our representatives to figure out customized pricing.

Book a call to learn more about program costs

Ready to take the next step? You can book a call here for the next Booked & Paid To Speak Elite Cohort, and get your First (Or Next) Paid Speaking Gig — Guaranteed.

If you’re selected to enroll in our coaching program, do the work, and still don’t get booked and paid to speak through this program, we’ll give you a full refund. But due to the 100% money back warranty and unlimited coaching offered, we only select 10 students to work with per cohort. Apply here.