How Speakers Can Maximize the Gift of Time During Quarantine w/ Michael Port

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Grant Baldwin and Michael Port hosted a Facebook Live to talk about what speakers can do to take advantage of the extra time during quarantine to improve their value as a performer.

During the live stream, Grant and Mike discuss:

  • This is the time to be working on your talk
  • “Either it will pass or I will pass.”
  • Best practices for wearing glasses on camera
  • Surviving as a speaker in the midst of a crisis
  • Why speakers can’t afford to be average
  • Everything you do as a performer must be transformational
  • How the expected quality for speakers will increase
  • What speakers should be working on right now
  • How speakers can maximize the gift of time during quarantine
  • Why using live events as rehearsals is a mistake
  • What deep work looks like for speakers
  • Mapping out an effective rehearsal process
  • Reinventing your speech in ways you never imagined
  • Asking specific questions when it comes to feedback
  • How to scale your choices from good to great
  • Using a mystery box visual to raise the stakes for your audience
  • The risk of failing to deliver on the promise your performance makes
  • Why Michael retired from keynoting
  • How to wisely leverage the trust you earn from an audience to enrich their experience
  • What Pixar considers a “perfect” film
  • Crafting a transformational experience for your audience
  • Are virtual events merely a temporary fix or a lasting trend?
  • The challenges events face in replicating the impact of in-person trade shows online
  • Advice for speakers to keep their head in the right space
  • Making sure you continue to support your network of colleagues and clients
  • The #1 most important factor in booking more paid speaking gigs
  • Creating a productive work environment
  • Incrementally improving your speech 5 minutes at a time
  • And more


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